Missy Lee                                        Virginia Tech                                   2002-2006

Erika Tribett                                    James Madison                                2002-2006

Holly Needham                              James Madison                                  2004-2006

Melanie Ayers                                UNC Charlotte                                   2005-2006

Katie Milne                                     Christopher Newport                        2006-2007

        Virginia Tech                                    2007-2008

Megan Verissimo                          Virginia Tech                                     2008-2010

Bailee Adams                                 Old Dominion University                  2015-

Meredith Fiskus                             Old Dominion University                  2015 - 2017

Kymeisha Jefferson                       Old Dominion University                   2015 - 2017

Danae Jones                                   Radford University                          2015 -

Noel Taylor                                         Virginia Tech                              2016-



Dawn Holbrook                               Virginia Tech                                   2002-2006     

Whitney Snyders                          University of Virginia                           2002-2006

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