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Busy Week Ahead!

posted Aug 21, 2016, 8:19 PM by Steven Sherman

Positive Polly News!

Scrimmage games went great! There is still work to be done, but I am fully confident that after practice tomorrow Varsity will be ready for their game this week and JV will be one step closer to their game coming up! Comp practices have been going great we are learning so much about the team. As school approaches I would like for you all to sit back and appreciate what we have accomplished this summer. I am so proud of everyone!


  • Busy week ahead. PLEASE check the dates section of this email and check your calendars.
  • Practices are mandatory please remember if you are not excused you will receive demerits for missing and being late!!
  • Apricot Lane Fashion Fundraiser this Thursday!! Invite everyone you can. Whoever brings the most business will receive a gift card as a prize!
  • No JV game or team dinner this week. 
  • First Varsity Game - August 26th. KNOW YOUR CHEERS :)
  • With the heat index expected to be very high on Friday Band and Cheer will not wear uniforms! Please wear your camp outfit. Hair ALL the way up (low ponies are fine!) green bow, Nike socks.
  • All conflicts need to be turned in to me immediately. 
  • Open Gyms on the calendar are not mandatory, but are a great opportunity. They are also an opportunity to condition and erase all summer demerits for a clean start going into the fall season!! :)
  • Tuesday @ 4:30 pm at Cox High School
  • Varsity - black uniform
  • JV - CHS uniform
  • You may wear your hair however you want, but down without a bow is preferred for pictures. 
  • $40 (message me privately for assistance I want everyone to be able to participate)
  • Bring a colorful summer outfit and a black dress or black outfit for additional pictures. These are included in your $40 so it is great to take advantage of all of the pictures! Plan to stay until sunset if you participate in all photos. 
  • LifeTouch is offering individual pictures tomorrow Monday August 22nd at noon for anyone interested in these. *There will not be a group photo taken tomorrow. 
  • The pictures on Tuesday were planned as an alternative to Lifetouch portraits because in the past the cost and times have not been what parents have been looking for. I hope you will enjoy quality afternoon pictures at a great price this year. As a parent I know how important these memories are! This does not however mean you have to choose to forgo the Lifetouch photos they will be available to those who want them at noon tomorrow.

 The cheers can be found at the YouTube link below.

Cox High School Cheers

Thursday August 25th @ 6pm
(each family will be responsible for their own meal)

Thursday August 25th @ 6pm
Hosted by Nicole and Stacie at
Alex Fountain's House


8/22 - optional LifeTouch sports photos at school (individuals only) 12 noon

8/22 - sideline practice 3-5

8/22 - comp practice 5-7

8/23 - team pictures @ 4:30 pm at Cox HS

8/24 - falcon fest @ 7 am

8/25 - fundraiser at apricot lane @ 11 am

8/25 - varsity team dinner at the Fountain's @ 6pm

8/25 - jv team bonding at Shorebreak @ 6pm

8/26 - 1st Varsity home game vs. Tallwood be there @ 6pm

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Weekly motivation!
For Parents and Cheerleaders together: Nicole Fountain sent me this last week and I love it. It is such a "Positive Polly" quote!

"Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it."