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Camp was an Amazing Success

posted Aug 10, 2016, 8:29 PM by Steven Sherman   [ updated Aug 10, 2016, 8:38 PM ]

Positive Polly News!


We took home 6 trophies, 3 spirit sticks, 2 top banana awards, a Camp Champ award and the OVERALL leadership award (voted on by their fellow campers) 3 All Americans, jump off winners, and one pin it forward recipient! More than all of this though the girls took home a new sense of team, a serious respect for themselves and for what other teams are putting in to be as clean and as sharp as they are. Our teams have always had difficulty, but at camp they learned the art of perfecting skills, keeping spirit levels high and doing each and every thing they do to the BEST of their ability. They learned so much and it was an amazing process to watch!!

All American Winners - Kayla Berrios, Alex Fountain, and Madison Huff (seniors who learned and perfected their material in less than 24 hours and beat dozens of girls for the top spots! We were one of the few schools who had ALL of our seniors tryout for this which shows great leadership and confidence!)

Jump-Off Winner - (BEST jumps out of the entire camp!!!)

Pin it Forward Winner 

Ashley Evans (this award is given to less than a dozen girls at camp that show true leadership and compassion for their team mates and fellow athletes.

Audrey Ibata was given the pin it forward award by on of the original recipients. This award is so special because athletes win a pin to keep and one to "pin forward" Audrey received one for her amazing spirit at camp! Ashley Evans "broke the rules a bit" and gave hers to an entire team because she believed they all worked equally hard to show leadership and spirit. How awesome is it that the team she picked was Princess Anne High School from Virginia Beach! VBeach really showed VTech how it's done :)

Also a HUGE HUGE shoutout to Stacie Allen. I was in a pickle trying to wrangle all 32 girls on my own at camp and Stacie stepped up and really came through for us. She didn't just chaperone she coached, loved, and built up JV for 3 days straight. We would have never made it through camp without her and our other dedicated parents. All of you are so amazing and are taken for granted so often. I heard teams all week at camp comment on how involved and supportive our entire program is. THAT is what being a positive polly is all about ladies and gentlemen.

This is the biggest cheerleading program turn-out that Cox High School has ever seen. I think this speaks for itself that the hard work, dedication, love and support being poured into this program is already causing great success. I can't wait to see this year unfold with you all!!! Keep up the hard work Positive Polly parents, athletes, coaches and supporters :)


  • Note that JV has practice tomorrow and that Varsity and JV both have practice on Monday. For the rest of Mondays in August we will have "two-a-days" for our crossover athletes doing comp and sideline. I know this will be hard work, but we have worked hard to make a schedule that will allow you longer periods of rest on the weekends. We hope to eliminate many of the injury related issues we have had in the past by doing this. Sideline practices will mainly be working on cheers and dances. 
  • Scrimmage is August 18th at 6pm. This is not mandatory, but it would be great to have a large turn out. Wear your white camp outfit we wore on day one! 
  • First Varsity Game - August 26th. KNOW YOUR CHEERS :)
  • Many of you have asked about choreo for comp. We will not do a 3/4 day 8 hour choreography session like in the past. This is not healthy for our athletes. We will instead choreograph through the entire month of August. This makes it extremely important to be at every practice. We have more athletes than we have spots at this time and will take the most dedicated members to the mat in October. 
  • We are still deciding on which invitational competition we will attend that will benefit the program the best. Please keep Saturdays marked with **** open as they are the potential dates. 
  • Tumbling classes on Saturdays will mandatory unless you have work or another commitment approved well in advance by Coach Chris. You determine your spot on the team. We will need to see you working hard on your tumbling skills in other ways if you cannot make the Saturday classes provided by Chris at Fame. There will need to be VERY legitimate reasons to miss such as work or illness. 
  • Group 1 and Group 2 will be announced Monday.
  • All conflicts need to be turned in to me ASAP. 
  • Open Gyms on the calendar are not mandatory, but are a great opportunity. They are also an opportunity to condition and erase all summer demerits for a clean start going into the fall season!! :)
  • This calendar can be confusing. I apologize for this. We have worked very hard to make 3 teams work with 3 other sports at the school for gym time this year. Check and double check when and where you need to be and make sure you are there and on time.

 The cheers can be found at the YouTube link below.

Cox High School Cheers

Cox High Cheers

***If you are a new cheerleader chosen at the August tryout please respond to myself and Coach Rachel if you are JV, myself and Coach Chris if you are Comp, or just me if you are Varsity with your parent(s) email(s) and all other contact info of yours and your parent(s) so we can get them set up to receive emails and get you the paperwork you need to start the season.

When: Saturday Aug 13th 11- 3
What: Boating and Beach Day
Where: The Narrows
Notes:   Bring a packed lunch!!


8/13 - team bonding boat/beach day

8/17 - fall sport parent meeting at school 6pm

8/18 - scrimmage game vs. Grassfield be there @ 6 pm (V and JV)

8/23 - team pictures @ 4:30 pm

8/24 - falcon fest @ 7 am

8/25 - fundraiser at apricot lane @ 11 am

8/25 - varsity team dinner at the Fountain's @ 6pm

8/26 - 1st Varsity home game vs. Tallwood be there @ 6pm

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Weekly motivation!

My weekly motivation is for parents and athletes together this week. 

"This is a new year. A fresh start. Last Season is history. It's our time to make our history. It's time to give 100%. It's time to build strength and set the standard. A time to push ourselves harder. To Become a TEAM. Are you ready? Because I am." - you get one chance to do every day of your life. Make every ounce of effort you put into this sport count. Make it something to be proud of. Something to grow on. Make it a stepping stone for everything you want to be. Make it count. No regrets.

Thank you all and GO FALCONS!