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posted Jul 24, 2016, 3:48 PM by Steven Sherman   [ updated Jul 24, 2016, 8:23 PM ]

Positive Polly News!

We already have 100 kiddie campers registered and expect 20 more to register at the door tomorrow. Congrats everyone we exceeded our goal!

We did not do cheerleader of the week last week but we will have one this week so please work hard ladies!! Thanks again Stacie Allen for our beautiful sashes to honor our outstanding leaders!




Please wear black tops and black white or grey bottoms (what you came to tryouts in is a great option!)


Tie dye day! Go all out if you want but at least wear one things tie dye. 


Super hero/ princess day. Make sure you can still be active at camp in whatever you choose to wear!


Green and Gold day. We will wear uniforms! Black for varsity, CHS for JV. I will have your new spandex and any uniform pieces you need to pick up available at the end of camp tomorrow (7/25)


Kiddie camp is not only a fundraiser but an honor. Plan to work hard, show an amazing attitude and exude confidence and leadership the entire camp and be on your best behavior.

Older groups will learn our tryout dance (so brush up if you need to) and younger groups will be taught a dance by Bailee Adams who has offered to help us!

For review of the dance see the links below:

kiddie camp dance - older girls

kiddie camp dance - older girls with music


The four cheers we will teach them are:

1.     Falcons, lets rock it!

2.     Beware of the falcons

3.     C-O-X everybody yell 

4.     All the way


So please review. The cheers can be found at the YouTube link below.

Cox High School Sideline Cheers


Camp itineraries and packing lists have been distributed as well as rooming and driving lists. If you have any questions or concerns on this please let me know. 



  • Balances will go out tomorrow afternoon (7/25) and be due in full on Thursday (7/27) Originally this date was Friday but we will not meet that day.


  • Practice this week is not mandatory but highly recommended especially if you have missed several days this summer. There is only one day per team so please try to make it! Practice times are:
    • Junior Varsity TUESDAY 1:30-3:30
    • Varsity THURSDAY 1:30-3:30


  • I know you all are dying for an August calendar. I would love to give you one. I can tell you that practices will be Monday-Thursday and they will be afternoons (think 3 or later). I hope this info helps! I have added the dates that I can add below and they will be added to our calendar by tomorrow.


  • There is a MANDATORY PARENT MEETING on August 3rd. This is for everyone going to camp and everyone who makes the comp team. The meeting for camp attendees and parents (this is everyone!) will begin at 6. Comp parents need to prepare to stay for the comp portion at 6:30.


Upcoming School Physicals 

July 27th 3pm @ Cox $20 cash *PLEASE take advantage of this if you have not updated your physical. You cannot begin the season if you do not have an updated physical on file!!


Tuesday July 26th @ 8pm
Bonfire at Kirstin and Kortney Decroix's House
Can't wait to see you all there!
Bring a towel and swim suit

5205 Ocean Front Ave




“Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example." Tomorrow you begin a week filled with over 100 little girls who want to be just like you. You have the super power of leadership girls. Use it wisely. Be an outstanding example for these tiny sponges ready to soak up what you give them this week! You will do amazing and as ALWAYS you will make Cox and me so very proud! 


Parents and family

“Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity they think of you.” as our girls head into a week filled with hundreds of chances to lead by example I remind you that it all started with you! Your cheerleader is the leader she is today for many reasons, many of which are on her own account, but each of them see how you treat people, how you lead, how you love and they imitate this. You are doing amazing! The proof is in this amazing group of young women!


Thank you all and GO FALCONS!



-    7/25 - balances go out

-    7/25-7/28 - kiddie camp 8 am - 1 pm

-    7/26 - JV practice 1:30 - 3:30 pm

-    7/26 - team bonding 8 pm

-    7/27 - physicals at school 3 pm

-    7/28 - Varsity practice 1:30 - 3:30 pm

-    7/28 - balances and camp release waiver forms due

-    8/1 - updated physicals due

-    8/1 - 8/2 - competition tryouts 3 - 5 pm

-    8/3 - mandatory sideline practice 3 - 5 pm (invite friends to watch at 4:30)

-    8/3 - mandatory uniform fitting 5 pm

-    8/3 - mandatory sideline parent meeting about camp - 6 pm

-    8/3 - mandatory comp parent meeting 6:30 pm


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