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From Team Parent - Nicole Fountain

posted Jul 31, 2016, 10:08 PM by Steven Sherman
A Note from Coach Maegan

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 Parent Athlete Meeting is Absolutely Mandatory

If you have not turned in your waiver or balance those are due at the meeting. I will go over all camp info, hand out all other forms and such for the year, and give out all apparel at this meeting as well as answer all questions you all may have about this season.

Everyone wishing to tryout this week for the Competition Team or Additional Sideline spots you must have a current physical. 

August 23rd 2016 we will have team pictures.  Please plan to be available from 4:00PM until 8:30PM

We have another exciting fundraising coming up on August 25th!

Anyone that would like to come early to comp tryouts tomorrow and Tuesday to help set up and roll out is welcome to :) I'll be at the gym no later than 4:30.


8/1 - updated physicals due

8/1 - 8/2 - competition tryouts 5-7 pm

8/3 - mandatory sideline practice 3-5 pm (invite friends and family to watch at 4:30)

8/3 - mandatory uniform fitting for Varsity sideline and Competition teams 5 pm (I need 3 female parent volunteers to help run this smoothly)

8/3 - mandatory sideline parent meeting about camp and upcoming season - 6 pm

8/3 - mandatory competition team parent meeting for those who make comp 6:30 pm

8/4 - leave for VA Tech at 4 am

8/6 - return from VA Tech camp by 10 pm

8/23 - Team Pictures Start at 4:00 pm

8/25 - Fundraiser

I have had a LOT of questions on the Big/Little gifts for camp. Here is a brief rundown. Girls need a SMALL I mean small gift for each day of camp (3 total) this is meant to be motivational from the heart. You have had all summer to start to know one another and should be able to successfully build one another up without spending much money. Think a heartfelt card and their favorite candy or something small that might show them you care. The monetary limit on this is $10. That is $10 for all 3 gifts. I know it's possible because I am a stand in for a big who is missing camp and did this easily because I got to know my little and focused on motivating her not spending money. You girls can do this! Make a poster with 10 reasons she deserves to be on this team or a "spirit queen" tiara and sash for her to wear around camp. Check Pinterest for millions of ideas.  You've got this ;)

See many of you tomorrow and ALL of you Wednesday!


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Coach Maegan Barnes