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Krispy Kreme Fundraiser and Camp Updates

posted Jul 4, 2016, 7:41 AM by Steven Sherman
The gym floor is being refinished this week. Therefore, practice will be outside for the rest of the week unless anyone has an indoor location they can offer us. JV had an amazing practice today and completed their camp dance. Great work today ladies! JV will NOT have practice tomorrow because of this accomplishment. Enjoy your very long holiday break. Varsity will practice Wednesday from 8-11. If they complete their dance on Wednesday they will be given Thursday off. Motivational Monday ladies! Plan to work hard on Wednesday!

Attached you will find as much info on UCA camp as I can possibly give you right now. If you have any questions get them to me ASAP and I will find the answers. 

The only thing I would like to add is that following camp the sideline team will be given a few days off from practice. However, competition team begins practice that Monday 8/8. Please notice at the end of your July calendar that competition tryouts and an mandatory practice will be held before camp. If you are planning to tour Virginia Tech campus while at camp you need to plan to do so after camp is completed. You will be released at 2 pm on 8/6 no earlier. Sideline girls that make the competition team and want to stay and visit the Tech campus will be excused from competition practice on Monday 8/8 and Tuesday 8/9 ONLY. You are expected back at practice on Wednesday 8/10. 

**If you volunteered to drive, but now may stay for a campus visit I need to know now so we can plan to still get all girls home.**

Our practice on August 3rd, 2016 will be a 'showcase' practice to show off all we have prepared for camp. Please invite anyone you think will enjoy the performance :) 

Anyone open to making a team trip to Busch Garden this summer? Let me know if this is something we want to plan. It won't be mandatory, but we get group rates on 15 or more :) With so many off days from practice you all must be bored ;)

Also attached you will find an order form for our next fundraiser - Krispy Kreme Donuts! This has the potential to make a huge profit and pay off your balances for the year. We make approximately $6 off of each box sold. Each girl is expected to sell at least 20 boxes. I have set a personal goal for myself to sell 75 boxes. If anyone tops my goal and is the highest seller they will receive their backpack free on me this year AND get out of doing any mats for the remainder of the year.

Here's how it works!

Print the attached forms, staple a plastic baggie to the form. Pre-sale as many donuts as you possibly can! Collect money at time of pre-sale or before JULY 13th. Money is DUE to me on JULY 13th. I will order donuts and we will pick them up at the Krispy Kreme on Virginia Beach Blvd. at 7 am on JULY 15th. We will deliver donuts all day Friday (7/15) (and Saturday 7/16 if needed) and get all donuts given out. Krispy Kreme will give us $6 profit off each box of glazed donuts and a similar amount on chocolate, raspberry, creme, and lemon as well as bags of coffee. PLEASE contact me with questions prior to our dead period. Don't wait to get started. If you sell just the minimum 20 boxes that is $120. If you want to pay off your camp balance sell 40 boxes.  If all girls sell 20 boxes that's $3840!!! It's very easy. We sell them for $9. They are $12 retail and ours are delivered :) remind people what a deal this is AND that this is Cox's first time going to camp. Work smarter, not harder. Sell to more than one person at a business to cut down your delivery time. This will also be a great team bonding. Younger girls can team up with girls that can drive our carpool with one mom to deliver. Make your list of 20 today! If you need tips on selling please contact me. We have to sell 500 boxes to get the discount price to get the $6 profit off each box. PLEASE sell your 20 boxes so everyone can benefit :)

What to fill-in on your sales form:

raising money for - CHEER CAMP
    • DZ GLAZED - $9
    • DZ SPECIALTY - $10
    • BAG OF COFFEE - $9

Have an amazing 4th of July holiday. Remember those who gave us our freedom to enjoy this holiday and be safe. Love you all!