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Spring Parent Interest Meeting

posted Mar 7, 2016, 8:10 PM by Steven Sherman
Cox Cheerleading will now consist of 3 squads
     Varsity Sideline
     JV Sideline
     Competition team

Spring tryouts will be for the sideline teams ONLY.  If your cheerleader is not interested in committing to the entire sideline season from start to finish this year please do not tryout for the sideline team. 

The fall tryout will be for the competition team and to add additional members to the sideline team if spots are still available. (An in depth description of requirements for each team will be available at the interest meeting.)  

Anyone planning to tryout this year for any of our teams should attend the spring parent interest meeting on TUESDAY APRIL 12TH at 6PM. This meeting will be at Cox. Please attend this meeting and know that all questions and comments about our upcoming season are more than welcome. 

A complete breakdown of our new structure will be available for you at the meeting, but until then here are highlights to discuss with your cheerleader to help her decide which squad will be a fit for her, and to answer questions I expect to be asked by most all of you. 


•ALL girls trying out for any team will be required to be in good standing with their teachers and administration in regards to conduct. Our main goal for our upcoming season is to promote spirit and sportsmanship and to represent Cox in the best light possible. 
•Cheerleaders may (and are encouraged to) tryout for BOTH teams if they are willing to commit to both. Schedules for both teams will not conflict to allow for this option. 
•One sideline team will be selected in the Spring and will be split into JV and Varsity following the fall tryout where any additional spots will be filled. 
•Sideline Team will attend UCA camp this summer (*pending continued administration support of this*).
•Competition team will take part in choreography and the maximum number of competitions allowed by VHSL. 
•I will be the main sideline coach and a separate competition coach will be hired soon. I will still continue to help with competition.While we will have a separate JV coach again this year, I will be in charge of making sure our entire program runs smoothly and cohesively going forward. So you can ALL always reach out to me. No matter where your cheerleader is placed.
•ALL cheerleaders from all teams will be required to fund raise for the team they are on. If you choose to do both teams - you will fund raise for both teams!
•ALL cheerleaders will be required to take part in community service events throughout the year. 
•While this off time is meant to be used to rest and recover between our very long seasons, I highly encourage your cheerleaders to continue practicing their skills lightly and stay in shape as that will keep them from risking injury at tryouts. 
•Tryouts are tentatively scheduled for the first week in May. If this is a true conflict for any of you I need to know immediately to begin working on a solution as having all of my veteran cheerleaders return is a huge priority for me!

These teams will be separate when it comes to practice, games and competitions, and funds - but they will always be a whole when it comes to our program. Please expect to enjoy many team bonding events, team dinners and outings throughout the year with not only your designated team(s) but as a whole program. 

I can't wait to get this season started and appreciate all of your feedback. PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions and suggestions. My number is listed below if it is more convenient for you to text or call me. My goal is to have an open line of communication with you all from day one. This program is about you all, your girls, and me working together to represent Cox and have fun doing so! I look forward to your feedback and seeing y'all on April 12th at 6 pm. 

Thank you :) 

Coach Meagan