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Weekly Cheer Update 7/18 - 7/22

posted Jul 18, 2016, 4:45 AM by Steven Sherman   [ updated Jul 18, 2016, 4:47 AM ]
Falcon Family!

I hope you had an amazing weekend :) Going forward all weekly updates will be on Sunday's. Thanks for being patient as I find my flow.

We have a new comp coach and a new JV coach. I apologize for the delay on announcing these. Background checks and such are pending. I appreciate your patience as we have put a lot of effort into finding the best, safest and most encouraging coaches for our teams. 

Varsity - Hunter Davis! Hunter embodies everything a Cox Cheerleader should be. She leads by example, is always willing to try a new stunt or skill to help the team. In my time at Cox I can't remember ever hearing Hunter complain, yet when asked what her goals for herself this year are she replied "to be more positive and a better role model for the team". Falcons always strive for more, push harder, and never give up. Thank you Hunter for being the best Falcon you can be!

JV Meghan McBride! Meghan works hard on the mat and off. She is always asking what she can do to make herself and her team better. I am also honored to name her our 2016 JV co-captain. Meghan's hard work and drive to be the best she can be and lead her team to be the best they can be is exactly what being a Cox Cheerleader is all about! I can't wait to see Meghan continue to grow and shine in our program.

  • Our totals from the KK fundraiser are:
  • Items sold - 434
  • Total profit - $2267.75
  • Top Sellers - Deme Malbon (she made $372!!), Alex Fountain ($197!!), Meghan McBride ($192!!)

Practice Schedule - Cox Camps will be in the gym this week from 8:30-12:30 M-TH. Since we have not been able to secure an alternate location for practice this week I will have to move the time. I understand this is not ideal and many of you will not be able to change your schedules. For this reason practice will NOT be mandatory for this week. I would like to get a head count of how many of you will be able to make it to practice this week if held from 1-3 pm M-TH. Please cheerleaders respond to your respective group message by 6 pm today. If we have less than half from each team able to participate we will cancel practice for the week. Again I apologize for this change. This is cheer's first year needing summer gym time and there were a few scheduling mix-ups. Thanks for understanding :) An update on practice will go out at 6:30 with final say on if practice is on. 

We have spots left for Kiddie Camp so please, please keep registering girls and getting your flyer out there!!

Tuesday July 26th @ 8pm
Bonfire at Kirstin and Kortney Decroix's House
Can't wait to see you all there!

5521 Ocean Front Ave


  • Nfinity Evolution shoe sizes and if you need a new pair - the shoes you were sized for at your sizing were off on sizes and I would like to confirm accurate sizing. If you currently have Evolutions and they are relatively clean you have to option to not get another pair. If you have Vengeance they do NOT have a sole and are not acceptable. If you are questioning if your shoe is acceptable please see me before deciding not to buy more.
  • If you need new white soffees 
  • If you need a new black bow (Varsity only!)
  • If you are planning to tryout for comp. I need to know if an additional judge will be needed. Dates are July 29th for clinic and August 1st for tryout. More info to follow.
*I need the above info no later than tomorrow morning

Upcoming School Physicals - July 27th 3pm @ Cox $20 cash 
*PLEASE take advantage of this if you have not updated your physical. You can not begin the season if you do not have an updated physical on file!!

Many of you are getting close to paying off your balances through your hard work at fundraising! Congratulations! Many of you have a way to go. Following this email (by 6:30 pm) you will receive an email from me with your balance broken down by what you have earned or contributed towards it already. Following the first day of kiddie camp (July 25th) you will be given your balance with kiddie camp proceeds deducted. This balance is due in full by Friday July 29th, but you can pay any day after the 25th. Checks must be made payable to Cox Cheer Booster Club. If you do not pay your balance we can not go to camp or finish buying the items needed for the season. (**NOTE - NEW cheerleaders your balance due will NOT include your warm-up cost. This portion of your balance will be due mid-August to help continue to break-up costs since they are not needed until cold weather.) 

7/18 - 7/21 - practice from 1-3 pm
7/26 - July Team Bonding @ 8pm 
7/27 - last physical provided by school
7/29 - balances & camp release waiver forms due
8/1 - updated physical forms due

Cheerleaders - “Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.”  many of you are still struggling to see that you are tough enough to achieve these new harder goals and bigger expectations. I know that pushing ourselves harder isn't easy, but each of you have the ability to do this! We can go the distance this year and show everyone that Cox Cheer is MORE than they think we are. We are strong leaders, motivating friends, and an unbreakable family! 

Parents and family - “Don't stop until you are proud.” as parents we are always proud, but remember that pushing them to be proud of themselves is so priceless. They will fall this year and they will need you more than they ever have to pick them up and say "you've got this! You were made for this. I am proud of you. Be proud of yourself."

Thank you all and GO FALCONS!