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World's Best Cheer Family!

posted Aug 16, 2016, 8:03 PM by Steven Sherman   [ updated Aug 16, 2016, 8:11 PM ]

World's Best Cheer Fam, 

Hope you are all well this week! It was great to work on cheers for sideline on Monday and comp has been working VERY hard to get ready for choreography. This week's email will be short and sweet (well as short as I can manage). Only two bits of new info the rest are reminders. Below are the cheers again. Please continue to work on these. Our first scrimmage is week and our first game is next week! Attached you will also find the conflict sheet in case you don't have the original saved. Please fill this out ASAP! For all new cheerleaders, the Standards and Demerit System are also attached. Please complete these and return tomorrow at the parent meeting if you haven't already returned them. 

The cheers can be found at the YouTube link below.

Cox Cheers

Team Photos:
  • Tuesday August 23rd
  • 4:30 at Cox High School
  • Be completely READY at 4:30
  • See Facebook Event for Details  Accept Invite!
  • Cost is $40.00 *please contact me if you need assistance
  • Bring Black Dress or Black Slacks and White Shirt for guys.  
  • Bring Colorful Summer Outfit
  • This is for the entire program - Varsity, JV and Comp
  • We will discuss uniforms per team and announce this per team.


Fall Cook Book Fundraiser!

We will be creating and selling Cox Cheer Cookbooks for our fall fundraiser. This is set to cover new poms, comp costs, additional sideline costs and holiday parties. In order to not have comp costs each comp cheerleader will need to sell 20 cookbooks. New sideline cheerleaders are encouraged to participate to offset costs of new items you will be purchasing. Additionally each cheerleader will need to turn in at least 10 recipes. But we really need TONS more than this... You may start collecting recipes now from friends and family and when school starts we will need to collect from students and faculty to make this a complete "Cox Cookbook" I think this is an easy fundraiser that will make a great profit and provide a new yearly tradition for Cox Cheer. We will begin pre-sales the last week in August. Please participate!! :) We will get you a few examples soon!


If you are one of the 24 team members selected for the competition team, I know you are anxiously awaiting our decision on who will take the mat in October. We are very proud of all of your hard work. We do ask that each athlete and parent understand that if chosen as an alternate the athlete might not ever see time on the mat in a competition this year. We have been asked to reiterate to each of you that this is not a rotating alternate situation. We can only have 20 on the mat at all times. This may be the same 20 for all 5 comps. It may change due to needs or injury. Whatever is decided will be to benefit the team as a whole moving toward the common goal of winning. It is important to remember this in agreeing to accept a spot on the competition team or a spot as an alternate. As alternates are chosen we will ask you to sign a contract similar to the sideline standards agreeing that you understand how this will work this year. I just wanted to make sure all are aware far before the contract is sent out though. Thank you!

The parent meeting tomorrow is mandatory

This is a school wide meeting for fall sports not just a cheer meeting. This is set up by the school and I will be held accountable for those that don't come and paper work that is not filled out. This is especially important for new to Cox cheer parents to attend. Comp will have practice during this time and all other cheerleaders that attend the meeting are welcome to hang in the gym and work on cheers during the meeting or they can stay with parents. at 6:45 there will be a break out session for just cheer related items. This will be very brief because cheer has taken care of almost everything already this year :)


If you are not attending the scrimmage you had until today to let me know. If you did not let me know today please do immediately. It is only excused if I am made aware ahead of time. 


8/17 - fall sport parent meeting at school 6pm

8/18 - scrimmage game vs. Grassfield be there @ 6 pm (V and JV)

8/23 - team pictures @ 4:30 pm

8/24 - falcon fest @ 7 am

8/25 - fundraiser at apricot lane @ 11 am

8/25 - varsity team dinner at the Fountain's @ 6pm

8/26 - 1st Varsity home game vs. Tallwood be there @ 6pm

Weekly Motivation!

"Remember, there is always a little girl or boy in the stands that wants to be just like you. Don't let them down." - as we approach the beginning of our seasons may it be sideline or comp, please remember that there are always tiny starstruck eyes watching you, wanting to be you. Use this as motivation to be your BEST you each time you take the mat or field!

Your quote this week is simply a thank you from me for your support. Aside from supporting your cheerleader, this school, this program and this community, you endlessly support me in this tiring but ever so fulfilling endeavor. The endless kind words and encouragement you all send my way is so greatly appreciated. This job is so gratifying and you all are truly the icing on the cake! Thank you also for welcoming Coach Rachel and Coach Chris into this amazing Falcon Family with such open arms.

Thank you all and GO FALCONS!