Top Banana Tips

by Liza Herth, @UCALiza

Shout out to all the squads coming to UCA Camp this summer! The Top Banana is the most coveted award to win at summer camp, given to the squad who displays leadership and an overwhelming amount of spirit every day. Are you wondering how to be the squad to obtain this incredible, inflatable fruit? Read ahead!

Energy Throughout Classes
UCA Camp is jam packed with non-stop classes including cheer, dance, stunts, jumps and more! Although it can get exhausting, make sure that you are always staying pumped up and on your feet. Volunteering to call the cheers or being in the front during Hip Hop dance class are just two ways to get the UCA Staff to notice how hard you are working. It is not easy to win this prestigious award, but keep up the smiles and energy and you will definitely be a step ahead.

Getting to Know the UCA Staff
The UCA Staff is hand selected from across the United States for their talent, knowledge, and desire to work with cheerleaders just like you. Don't be afraid to get to know your Big Brother/Big Sister and ask them for help. I promise they will love to learn your squad's goals, team chants, and hear that you are having a great time at camp, just like they are! The UCA Staff will always be watching for teams that are excited to be there to take home that Top Banana.

Building Relationships with Other Squads
While you are at summer camp, take advantage of the relationships you can build with the other teams. Try to reach out to other squads especially if they are from the same local community as you because those friendships you create will last all season long when you see them at games or competitions. During Evaluations, cheer on all of the other teams showing off their skills. Preforming in front of an audience can be stressful, so an encouraging smile or motivating cheer will definitely help your fellow friends at camp execute their performance and have a blast while doing it.

Non-Stop Spirit
UCA Camp is so much more than just four days of cheerleading, it is about passion, leadership and energy. Those feelings are developed at camp and drive your team to be successful year after year. Summer camp is the best place for your new squad to bond and get to discover what it is like to be a cheerleader and ambassador at your school. Teach the rookies all of your team camp traditions like chanting loud and proud everywhere you go, looking forward to gaining new skills each day, and knowing that UCA camp is helping you be the most successful squad you could possibly be. This non-stop spirit will definitely shine through if taking home the Top Banana is your goal!

There you have it, "top" tips on taking home the Top Banana! For more advice and to follow me on my #UCAcamp adventures all summer long, follow me on Twitter and Instagram @UCALiza!