Packing List
Twin XL sheets
Pillow and pillowcase

Shower/Bath Items
Shower flip flops
Toiletries – bodywash, hand soap or sanitizer, shampoo, razor, lotions, etc.
Feminine Products. If you think you might even slightly need them – bring them!!! 
Hair dryer – you cannot walk into camp with wet hair. Keep in mind!

Getting Ready
Flat iron / Curling iron – if you use one
Make-up – at least some make-up is expected on final day at least
Hairspray or other hair products you use
Hair ties!!!
Any and all meds you take
Contacts / glasses, contact solution, etc.

Camp outfits
Comfy “ride home” outfit
Briefs (new green ‘nike pros’)
Sports bras (don’t forget your black one!)
Socks and underwear (white ankle socks for day 1 & 2, white crew socks for day 3)
Water bottle
Phone and charger
BOWS - Black, Green, White

‘Go for Gold’ Items
Flash tattoos

Spending Money
1 Breakfast (Fast Food - If you want a nutritious option please pack it.)
2 Lunches (Mellow Mushroom and Another Casual Dining Resturant)
1 Dinner (Fast Food - Something like Chic-Fil-A on the way home from camp)
Souvenir Items
Camp/Campus VT  Items (UCA recommends $25.00-$50.00)

Optional Items:
Small Portable Speaker - something that can fit in your backpack with all your daily gear
Room Decorations - Remember your theme "Go For The Gold"
Door Sign!  Get with your roomy and make a cool sign for your door.
Snacks - Something that does not have to be refrigerated 

What to leave at home!
  • Laptops and other electronics other than phone, a small camera if you want it, and a speaker. 
  • ALL JEWELRY – do not bring any jewelry to camp. UCA is very strict on this. Remove all piercings and replace with plastic retainers. This includes body jewelry even if it will be under clothing. We could get removed from camp for this.
  • Wallet – bring only cash you will need in a small pouch that you can have in your backpack. No ID’s are necessary. Credit and debit cards are not needed unless you plan to use them for lunches to and from camp
  • Dressy clothing. We will only wear camp attire the whole time.
  • Any problems, attitudes or negative vibes! Camp is for Positive Pollys ONLY 

Outfit Break Down

Day 1 – when you arrive at Cox on August 4th at 4 am be dressed in your white camp shirt and green camp shorts, white ankle socks and cheer shoes. You must have your hair all the way up with dark green “CHS” bow in and be completely dressed and ready with shoes on etc. by the time you arrive at Virginia Tech. Anyone not ready will receive demerits.

Day 2 – Black camp top and green ‘nike pro’ style shorts OR white soffee shorts (pack both), white ankles socks and cheer shoes, coordinating bow (JV and Varsity have different bows this day. This will be black bow for Varsity, game day bow for JV). We will add our tutus, flash tattoos, etc. after dinner on this day!

Day 3 – Uniform, hair half up with game day bow, white crew socks and cheer shoes. On this day you need to look “performance ready’. We will change into comfortable clothes for the drive home when we pack up our dorms.

White and black camp tops
Green “CHS” running shorts
White soffee shorts – if you don’t need these cost is deducted from you balance ($8)
Green ‘nike pro’ shorts
All of your bows
Crew socks – you have to buy your own ankle socks!
Shoes – if you don’t need these the price will be deducted from your balance ($70) I HAVE to sign off on your shoes and have final say if you need new ones.
Flash Tattoos

Coach Maegan will Bring:

Other Group Items

  • White ankle socks
  • Sports bras – you need a white one and black one
  • Underwear
  • Sheets, pillow, blanket, towel, etc.


Uniform and bow details will be updated as they are decided upon****
***Girls may have phones in backpacks at all times.  Phones may NOT be taken out of bags during ANY instruction time. ONLY when in dorms, at meals, and going back and forth between locations at camp. Phones are meant to be used to take pictures at camp. NOT to communicate with those not at camp. If at any time phones become a disturbance ALL cheerleaders will be asked to turn phones off and keep in bag the remainder of camp. Phones are a privilege at camp. Please don’t take advantage of this. You get 3 days at camp. Enjoy being there and leave the outside world on hold J  Phone usage is the full discretion of Coach Barnes from the time we arrive at Tech to the time we leave the campus and can be taken away at any time. Please do NOT plan to have guaranteed communication with your cheerleader throughout camp. Emergency contact should be done through Coach Barnes who will have her phone at all times. (256)557-9614 for reference. Emergency contact for UCA Staff at Virginia Camp will be provided before departure to camp.

**Girls are expected to dress in the attire provided for them and be on time and ready at designated times. Demerits will be given for anyone who fails to follow cheer rules at camp. This is NOT an exception to our standards.
Steven Sherman,
Jul 19, 2016, 7:02 PM